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When you use our platform you also have at your disposal a 5 star support team composed of expert programmers.

The service that your business deserves


We accompany you throughout the process through a monthly subscription you will be able to request changes, add content, keep it updated and much more.


We control all the code of your website, we do not use generic templates or anything like that, that’s why we offer a page that meets all the requirements for browsers to index you as best as possible.


We regularly update the platform to keep it always safe and with the latest industry news to improve performance and efficiency.

Unmatched Performance

The ideal for any site is to load under 4 seconds, ours loads in less than 2 seconds.

Security 24×7

Our architecture prevents any attack that is directed to your website, protecting your online reputation and positioning.


We use Content Delivery Network technology and SSL certificates that ensure that the files on the page are always accessed as quickly as possible, reliable and fast.

Elite infrastructure

We have world class servers to ensure a maximum speed load that ends up serving for Google to position it better.

Positioning in Google

Not only the content is important but also the code of the web. All the code was done 100% by our specialists, without using generic templates or anything similar.

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Malware clean up
Google Analytics
Programming hours248
Email accountsUp to 5Up to 10Unlimeted
SSL Certificate
Minor modifications
Available hours8x58x524x7
Response time24 hours12 hours2 hours
Number of incidents1020Unlimeted
Banner designs
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* Support plans have a minimum contract of 6 months.
* Support plans are subject to a quarterly adjustment based on inflation.

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